My dream came true...

Clown RiCO


He loves his audience and his audience loves him, a lot! RiCO has the ability to wow his audience over and over again and winning people’s hearts by storm. RiCO is clown out of passion and people feel that. He is living his dream: to see children’s eyes sparkling with joy and adults being children again. RiCO loves and is living for the circus and being a clown! Thereby, he manages seemingly effortless and skillful to not at all deny the traditional elements of this genre. Winkingly, he allures his audience to raise a smile and to scream with laughter. Whoever has the opportunity to experience Clown RiCO live, should by no means miss the chance to be a part of a great show full of fun, esprit and vitality. Because without a doubt, we can expect so much more of this extraordinary clown in the future!


Supposedly, it was a Christmas gift when RiCO was born on December 23nd, 1990 in Poland. The circus business name it uncommon when artists are not born “on the road” but coming from a regular “private” family. His mother took 3 year old RiCO to his very first visit to the circus. Within 5 minutes the glittering circusworld, the smell of popcorn, animals and sawdust captivated the little boy. The funny, colorful clowns with the big red noses fascinated RiCO immediately and they inspired him as well. From now on he was a huge circus-fan and visited every circus guesting nearby. When RiCO was 16 years old he decided to start an education in a little artistic school in Poland to learn juggling and some other artistic performances. In 2008, almost 18 years old RiCO did his first step to make his biggest dream a reality: He was invited by a circus to spend the holidays on the road with them. He was responsible for the circus promotion and during the shows he was additionally assisting at the circus restaurant. This holiday job assured RiCO that he was on the right way. He felt comfortable and at home at the circus. As he became friends with the circus director, he was given the chance to prove himself artistically. So, on March 6th, 2009 Clown RiCO made his debut in the manege of Circus Europa in Poland. RiCO says, he has no memory of this first show at all because he was totally nervous and fully concentrated to present a perfect performance. This perfectionism remained with him! His hard work paid off when he received the audience award at the 2009 Youth Circus Festival in Poland. RiCO remembers, “this time was like a lesson” and he is very grateful to his fellow artists for everything they taught him.


In 2012 RiCO started working with dogs and integrated them in his performance. It was important to him to present a very different, not the usual kind of clown act. RiCO left the Circus Europa in 2013 to work at various other circuses (please, take a look at his references).


RiCO succeeded to live his big dream, he worked so hard for! It gives him happiness and satisfaction. His audience is his life! We will definitely see him in many more circuses in the future.